Sumptuous Ben Loyal

Loch Hakel, Sutherland, Scotland

Sumptuous Ben Loyal

Lavender hued sunset clouds and the snow capped peaks of mighty Ben Loyal reflect in the still water of Loch Hakel with its golden reed bed near the hamlet of Tongue in Sutherland.

Fuji GFX50 S (the old one), GF 32-64 zoom, 0.6ND soft grad, Polariser (approx 50% strength), f/16 at 1/8 second, ISO100.


Gorgeous, Ian. What I love about it is that it feels like you let the picture speak for itself. The colour palette is beautifully subdued as is the lighting and you haven’t tried to pump it up or make it “pop” (God, I hate that term). The composition is perfect in the way the water way with its reflections and field of grasses draws me in to the star of the show, the mountain framed by the clouds. But even or especially there, you have let it speak for itself, giving the image a sense of quietude and grandeur all at the same time. Very nicely seen and executed.

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This photo image looks dead on, Ian. The framing and how everything just falls into place is perfect. I cannot see any improvements needed with this one.

A wonderfully done composition, Ian. I love the light, the soft colors, and the way the mountain reflection is framed in the water. Awesome.

I miss the original GFX 50S. I sold it and bought the GFX 100 (big expensive one). It’s a great camera, but there really was something special about the original 50S.

Gorgeous!! All said above but I just need to add how much I love it! The DOF and sharpness of detail throughout helps pull me into the image as though I were there!


Have to steal Diane’s adjective: Gorgeous! Quiet, sublime and simply a beautiful scene, expertly captured and presented. Great to see an image from you!

Of course leave it to me to find some little nitpick. Very minor - which is why it’s a nitpick. But if you’re inclined, you might consider cloning out the little rock in the LRC. Not a big deal at all, just might make this even that much more quiet and sublime.

Thanks for posting!


Beautiful sir. Love the composition and sharp throughout the image.

Many thanks, Kerry. Generally I prefer understated, images left well alone. Pictures that take me back to the place as I remember it. This is very close to that.

Thanks Lon nice to be back. Glad you enjoy it.

It is an excellent camera. I rarely upgrade my gear. My last camera was my old Pentax 67ll which I also adored. This Fuji GFX50S has the same charm and quirkiness to it that makes me want to pick it up and use it and the quality of lenses, robustness and heft that makes me believe I will be using it for a good few years yet.

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Ian: Impactful image that immediately makes me want to be there. Beautiful scene superbly rendered. >=))>

This is tremendous!

My only quibble is the bright area of clouds upper right… it’s not quite blown out but close.

Fabulous light and composition Ian. I especially like the reeds dancing on the clouds’ reflection.