The Edge

I have a fascination with edge of flowers and macro work. The edge lines and curves are a part of the flower that can be overlooked if you are not looking closely .

Specific Feedback Requested

All feed back welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Single shot
Pentax k30 with 100mm macro
ISO 100
1.6 sec f8.0
small adjustment in L.R. for high lights and texture

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Seems like an interesting way to photograph things. This image though…I don’t know. It doesn’t grab me. I like the curve and the light, but maybe it could use a little …

Hope you don’t mind. Curves adjustment, vibrance/saturation boost, brightness & contrast boost & a crop. YMMV.

Mike, I do love the lines and colors presented in this image. I also like what @Kris_Smith did, it feels like it improved the image with a nice boost to the brightness and color, giving it a bit of punch, as well as the crop, bringing more attention to just the subject. Your POV on the edge of this flower is a really neat perspective.

Thank you for your input and time. I would agree you have improved the image :))

Many thanks Shirley , always appreciate your input :smiley:

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