The King of Clouds

This was fun to research. A cumulonimbus incus cloud (Latin incus, “anvil”) is something to watch out for. It may produce lightning, hail, heavy rain, strong wind, or tornadoes. Fortunately, none of those events occurred while I was kayaking in Long Island Sound that day.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments and suggestions are welcome and thanks for viewing.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sony RX10M4, ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/1000, 34mm (35mm equiv.). Cropped about 20% to reduce too much sky.


What a fantastic mushroom cloud! Looks like an atom bomb explosion. I like the pink cast to the clouds below it. My personal thoughts are that is seems a little over saturated and might be cropped in some from the left side, which is rather empty. Thanks for sharing this amazing occurance.

Jim, the appearance of an anvil at the top of a climbing cumulus always signals violent weather for someone. This view shows off the entire cloud beautifully. It also looks like your were off to the side of it’s travel direction.

@Mark_Seaver and @Chris_Baird , thank you for your helpful comments. Chris, I’ll take a look at the saturation and cropping.

How lucky we are to be witness to these sorts of events! I too agree with Chris’ comment about saturation. I also wonder what the image might be cropped to portrait, emphasizing the cloud itself and leaving the green to elevate it even more. Just a thought.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments @JohnSnell . I decreased the vibrancy slider and do like the results. I considered cropping to focus more attention on the cloud, but really liked the foreground grass and wetlands leading up to the cloud and also felt that the minor cloud formations on each side were an integral part of the main scene.