The little stream

I took this photo last year of a small creek, Cypress Creek, in Wimberely Texas. I enjoying visiting this little park as there is always something to photograph.

I did crop to 16:9 and also did luminosity masks for dodging & burning of the white water.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

When I look back on the settings I’ve used on older photos, it’s a bit embarrassing because to tell the truth, I’m pretty sure I was just winging it. I’ve since learned so much here at NPN, so thanks to all. If I were to shot this today I would probably I have chosen settings more a long the lines of; f/16, 9sec., iso 200 with a ND 10stop filter. Thoughts??

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

What has always draw me to this image is the composition, the colors reflected in the green foliage and the softness of the water. How about you?? Any other thoughts/comments??

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon D7200, f/40, 1/3sec., iso 200, 70mm-300mm @200.


Linda, the flowing greens and the splashing water work very well together. The diagonal comp. adds to the sense of movement. This looks like a fun place to visit again and again. I think the shutter speed here works very well, with some blur but retaining lots of detail. Slowing the ss down to 9 s would completely blur everything. That too could be an interesting photo, just very different.

This turned out quite well. I like this shutter speed, as it renders some detail in the water but gives a sense of flow. I really like your comp too. I might clone out some of the splash dots that jump out, especially in the darker areas, but that is minor. Very well done.

Thanks @Mark_Seaver and @Harley_Goldman for your thoughts and comments.

Linda, this is a lovely image. I can see how it has drawn you to it. I think the ss was good to capture what you have here, showing the movement of the water. Great shot, and I hope you get to go back. I know what you mean about learning here at NPN. I know I sure have. Thanks to all the wonderful critiques from so many great photographers. Great shot.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman. Yes, the NPN community has been invaluable to me.

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Beautiful capture! I almost thought it was a flower at first glance. The shutter speed you used was perfect.

Thanks Chris, it does have a bit of an abstract feel. . . part of why I like it.