The nature designs even on the mountains

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


In the end of a misty day while doing traking in the gran sasso massif in central Italy I was surprised to see the mountain in front of my eyes entirely covered by a design. I imagined to see gigantic leaves that fell on the side of the mountain.

Specific Feedback

Have this feeling you too?

Technical Details

Z7ii, Nikkor 70-200mm at 70mm - f/16, 1/90, ISO 1100 hand held with a very low light


An arresting image. The greens are particularly attractive.

What I notice about your images is that form plays a big part in them. Here the mountain has a presence that’s more than what we normally see. It has almost a personality of it’s own. Marvelous composition as well, with all those ‘white leaves’ projected towards the mountain. Really good stuff. You’re a natural I feel. Vision comes easy for you.

I love it! The leaf designs are fantastic. And the composition is great. I like the large shapes of the sky behind the mountain, the green hill, and the foreground hill. I can’t think of anything to change.

The feathered pattern in the mid-ground snow fields is indeed wonderful, Guiseppe. The massif behind makes an interesting looming presence.

Very nice!! All said above! You have found a very interesting scene and captured it well. The feathered snow patterns are so unusual and dramatic and are so nicely framed by the subtle darker hill at the bottom and the fog bank at the top separating it from the very attractive mountain. But I long to see a bit more sky at the top – the mountain feels like it needs a bit more room. It would be easy to add a bit of canvas there.

This is a wonderful photograph, Giuseppe. I agree with Ronald’s comment above about the greens. They are very appealing and I think they work very well with the light grays on the leaf patterns and the mountain. I don’t think I have much to add to what others have already said, but I really enjoyed this image!


Wow, indeed a wonderful landscape. Those feathered shapes are quite unique and amazing.

Just about everything about this is wonderful. I think even the foreground ridge works to provide depth (you’ve included enough of that ridge on purpose, which is a plus for me.) :slight_smile:

The bank of fog is an added bonus and the greens are nicely handled as others have mentioned. In fact, the tempered greens showcase the leafy patterns perfectly - so much so that I think this is meant to remain in color.

Only very minor suggestion. The heighest peak is so close to the edge creating unnecessary tension. If you ever print, you can easily add some canvas up top.

Beautifully seen and captured.

I’ve been away from home for four days and when back I’ve been very happy to realize that many members liked and commented my last photo posted. Thanks for the favorable assessments.
Diane Muller and Lon Overacker, is the sky increased enough?

I would give it quite a bit more — such a huge mountain needs some headroom, to me. Wonderful image in any case!

I have written an Ai GPT to critique my own images. While I don’t think it gets all the nuances a human would I have found it helpful. See what you think and let me know if this is helpful for this shot.

This photograph presents a majestic mountain landscape, where the strength and permanence of the rocky peaks contrast with the ethereal and transient nature of the clouds nestled among them. The textures of the mountain are intricately captured, and the lush greenery at the lower elevations suggests a serene, yet dynamic natural environment. The photographer’s intent seems to focus on showcasing the grandeur of nature and the interplay between the earth and the sky.

Technical Facet Scorecard:

Composition: 8/10
Analysis: The photograph benefits from a strong composition, with the mountain peak serving as a natural focal point and the lines of the ridges drawing the eye through the image.
Reason for Loss of Points: The image might have benefited from a slight adjustment to include more sky or foreground for a sense of scale and context.

Exposure: 9/10
Analysis: The exposure is well-managed, maintaining detail in both the rock faces and the vegetated areas.
Reason for Loss of Points: A slight increase in exposure could bring out more details in the darker areas

.Focus and Sharpness: 8/10
Analysis: The focus is sharp on the mountain, capturing its texture and form with clarity.
Reason for Loss of Points: Some edges, particularly in the clouds, appear a bit soft, which could be intentional for atmospheric effect but also may be a sign of slight camera shake or focus issues.

Color and Tone: 7/10
Analysis: The image portrays a natural color palette, with the greens and greys reflecting a realistic view of the landscape.
Reason for Loss of Points: The overall tone is somewhat flat, and there could be more contrast to emphasize the dramatic lighting conditions.

Lighting: 7/10
Analysis: The soft, diffuse lighting accentuates the mountain’s textures and the clouds’ softness.
Reason for Loss of Points: The lighting is a bit flat and does not fully convey the depth and dimensionality of the landscape.

Overall Score: 7.8/10

Suggestions for Improvement:

In-Field Adjustments:

Consider shooting during the golden hour to capture warmer tones and longer shadows, which can enhance the three-dimensionality of the landscape.

Experiment with different vantage points to potentially introduce more sky or foreground elements into the frame


Increase contrast and clarity to bring out the texture of the mountains and clouds.

Use localized adjustments to dodge and burn (lighten and darken) specific areas to guide the viewer’s eye and create a more dynamic range.

Diane Muller I have done it. Thanks for the help.
Don Saunderson thanks for your many and useful advices that I have tried to put in practice. What do you think about?

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Generally I just pick and choose which advice I am going to act on. Normally it means only fine adjustments especially when you have a fine image such as yours. When an image scores above 7 it normally means these adjustments are very small.

I tend to adjust to please my eye, if the adjustment doesn’t give an improvement I revert and move on.

Here is a re-run, you have moved the score to 8/10, a really good score.

This photograph presents a majestic mountain landscape, its peaks shrouded by mist, creating a dramatic interplay of nature’s grandeur and ephemeral moments. The photographer’s intent seems to be capturing the raw, serene beauty of this alpine environment, highlighting the contrast between the ruggedness of the peaks and the softness of the clouds.

Technical Facet Scorecard

Composition: 8/10
Analysis: The composition effectively uses the mountain to create a natural division between earth and sky. The diagonal lines of the slopes provide a dynamic element.
Reason for Loss of Points: The image could possibly benefit from a different perspective that offers a clearer focal point.

Exposure: 9/10
Analysis: Exposure is well-managed, with good detail in both highlights and shadows, preserving the texture of the mountain.
Reason for Loss of Points: A slight underexposure in the clouds could reveal more detail.

Focus and Sharpness: 8/10
Analysis: The image is generally sharp, with good focus on the mountain’s surface.
Reason for Loss of Points: Some areas, particularly the clouds, could be sharper to enhance texture.

Color and Tone: 7/10
Analysis: The color palette is natural and subdued, fitting the scene’s mood.
Reason for Loss of Points: The tones are a bit flat; increasing contrast could add depth.

Lighting: 8/10
Analysis: The lighting is soft and diffuse, which is appropriate for the mood and setting.
Reason for Loss of Points: A more directional light could enhance the textures and contours of the mountains.

Overall Score: 8/10

Suggestions for Improvement

In-Field Adjustments:

  • Experiment with different angles to find a more compelling composition.
  • Wait for moments when the light changes to capture different moods.

Post-Processing Tips:

  • Increase contrast and clarity to bring out the textures in the mountain and clouds.
  • Consider dodging and burning to guide the viewer’s eye through the image.

Show available EXIF Data

Unfortunately, EXIF data is not available in this format. If it were, it would be helpful to see the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and lens type to further understand the technical aspects of this shot.

Additional Insights

The photograph conveys a strong mood of solitude and timelessness, a classic representation of the mountainous landscape’s awe-inspiring beauty. It adheres to the rule of thirds with the mountain peak positioned off-center, creating an interesting visual dynamic. The softness of the clouds adds to the emotional impact, suggesting a transient moment captured in time.

Photographer’s Perspective

“This photograph seeks to transcend the typical portrayal of mountain peaks, striving to juxtapose the enduring presence of the mountains with the fleeting nature of the clouds. My aim was to encapsulate the quiet drama that unfolds daily in these heights, largely unseen.”

Creative Titles Suggestions:

  1. “Ephemeral Heights”
  2. “Misty Mountain Solitude”
  3. “The Unyielding and the Impermanent”
  4. “Whispers of the Alpine”
  5. “Veiled in Serenity”

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The photograph beautifully captures the essence of a mountain scene with a commendable balance of technical skill and artistic sensitivity. While there are opportunities for enhanced depth and texture through slight adjustments in exposure and post-processing, the image stands out for its portrayal of natural contrasts and the ephemeral interplay between earth and sky. With a thoughtful approach to lighting and composition in future shots, the photographer could elevate their work even further.