"The sailing ship"

Hi everyone,
here I am again with a same problem about cutting and slicing.

I need to know your opinion on this shot that I made few weeks ago in Tuscany during an intense foggy morning.

Which of the two favorite pictures? The detailed one or the other one with a bigger wide view?




What technical feedback would you like if any?

cutting image

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details:

single shot with tele lens 70/200 Sony f4 G oss on Sony a7RII

I prefer the Wide view it puts the buildings in context with its environment and the nature of valley mist. I like both though.

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I much prefer the un-cropped version with horizon and cloud.

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I also prefer the wider view, but for me the buildings disappear a little too much. I think a slightly tighter crop, would still allow for the buildings to be more prominent but still give all the beautiful depth you’ve captured here. Something like this.


I think Jason’s crop is the best option.

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Me for the broader image. It fits the visible part of the image much better and gives proper weight to the surrounding fog .

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This is the best solution for me too @Jason_Katz.
Thank you

Cool. I hope it was OK to do the quick crop as an example from a screenshot. Although looking at it again this morning, your original crop is still great. I could go either way.

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Andrea, nice moody image here, I like the way the blue fog is processed, it makes the one light really jump out. In terms of composition, I like Jason’s proposed crop the best, it’s the best of both worlds.

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Nice shot @Andrea_Celli! I agree with @Jason_Katz’s crop!

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Beautiful soft pastel colours. I much prefer the crop too but I find myself wishing for more of the blue sky above and also that theres a bit too much space between the orange band and the Belvedere. I would actually have a go at cloning the top half fo the image down a bit which should be an easy blend. Something like this. Something odd happened to the colours but you get the idea.

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I’m going with wider as well. With some more processing this could really shine. I’m seeing slight dehaze and some dodge needed. Very cool scene!


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Wonderful mood and atmosphere. Between the first two, I prefer the cropped horizontal. Jason’s crop of the vertical is a good compromise.

While I like the inclusion of the top and horizon in the vertical, the sides are just too cramped around the mound of building and trees.

Although a general rule, verticals to me represent power, strength, etc., where as the horizontal format is better suited for the pastoral, atmospheric, mood, peaceful, etc. for me, fog fits that bill; not too much drama, but plenty of mood.

Having said that, the conditions were wonderful and I like how you kept the processing cool and slightly dark to match the time of day.


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In the wide angle the build was too lost for me. I was going to say I liked the crop better then I saw Jason’s crop. His crop has a nice balance of fog and mystery building.

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Lovely image mate. I prefer the wide version in its original crop. Really nice! Only other thing I’d suggest is some selective warmth here and there to help separate the tones a little bit.

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Thank you everyone guys. Much appreciate .

Of your two, I prefer the vertical including the clouds. I think Jason’s crop works well, too. It changes the mood a bit, so whichever version resonates with you is the ticket. Nice image!

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