The True Path Lies in Nature: Abstract from Australian Bush

It was a sunny day in late winter, there was new growth. I noticed some ponds that were giving a prefect reflection due to the Euccy oil on the surface. I took a variety of shots.

Specific Feedback Requested

I would like to know if people think the images works. Do people like it and if so would it work as a print.

Technical Details

Canon 5dsr 70-200mm at 135mm ISO 640 1/60. Colours adjusted in LR and Manipulated in PS

Hi David, I love this image! The swirling patterns are fantastic! I love the sprinkling of gold color too. I think this will make an awesome large print. Great work!

I do have a few suggestions. First, I would like to suggest rotating the image to landscape orientation. Second, I would recommend a crop to eliminate the bright areas in the upper right corner. Third, the shadows are quite dark especially in the upper left side. Here is an alternate version with the changes incorporated.


I was going to say I wouldn’t change a thing but then Alfredo’s suggestion really worked in my brain - so … yeah! Nice work!

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OH MY! Wow, what a fantastic abstract! There is so much to love about this one - and most certainly one could get lost in this one - exploring endlessly looking for things… shapes, faces, creatures, whatever.

I about 98% agree on the horizontal presentation. For me, unless you have a “tall” subject, or vertical motion that warrants, I think for the most part horizontal presentations are more pleasing. Not all the time of course, but for sure in this one.

The rotation doesn’t diminish the impact and wow factor though, for sure. Love the colors and wild, random shapes and mix… Just wonderful!


The landscape crop really works well here. Fascinating!!!

Looks a lot better as a horizontal and with those minor adjustments. Appreciate all the feedback.

I also like @Alfredo_Mora’s rotation and suggestions. Wow, I think this would be an awesome large print. Well seen!

Hey David, what an awesome water abstract! Love the colour and texture, and am also in agreeance with @Alfredo_Mora’s suggestions.

My only question is that the ripples in some areas look a little stretched; has the liquify or warp tools been used in editing here? This is less a criticism and more an observation, as such an edit (if it is the case here) is an “each to their own” thing for me. If not, then those are some damn sweet water textures!

Yes I did apply the liquify filter to some parts to make the image work.