There Be Monsters

There Be Monsters, 2019 version

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I indulged myself with an eight day sojourn down the Oregon coast the first of this month. Since I was a little kid seventy years ago I’ve carried on a love affair for the coast and try to visit as often as possible. These rocks immediately brought to mind the ancient maps of uncharted waters that would warn, “There be monsters” in those mysterious and unexplored spaces. I wonder if those long ago mariners feared living creatures or ship killing rocks like these. The first image was taken on this recent trip while the second was shot in 2019 at Bandon. I like the mood of both. All comments welcome. >=))>

Specific Feedback

On the first image the gull flew into the composition as I tripped the shutter. Serendipity or a distraction? Is the light just too dismal and uninteresting?

Technical Details

Sony FE 70-200 f2.8 GM-II @ 200mm
ISO 100, 1.400 @ f11


Wow, Bill, what a change in conditions you had. I like the gull, but it could be completely faked with 1s and 0s these days so I think it has less effect than it would have 5 years ago. The fog certainly adds a sense of menace that the more openly lit version doesn’t have. I feel like the rocks in the foreground, especially the far left and right ones need to go, but that’s your call.

They’re both fine images but I prefer the first one, partly because of the gull. I agree with Kristen about the foreground rocks.

I love the picture with the fog. I looks like a palace or a sleeping giant in the menacing fog. The gull adds interest but as it is so bright and clear, in contrast to the rest of the image that is fogged out, it looks a bit fake and like it came from another picture :smile: with the rocks I agree that it is probably better to clone them out as then you get a more clean image - just with the main subject which feels stronger. Looks perfect for halloween!

Definitely the first version with the gull as it adds to the mood, Bill. I also like the heavier fog a bit more as well as the B&W. I too would suggest cloning those couple of rocks. Beautifully done.

Bill, the first post has a much stronger sense of mystery, set off beautifully by the gull. (What a great catch of the gull.)

Hi Bill.
I think i like the most recent one the best. The fog really add nice mystery to the scene. I like the gull but wonder if he could be toned down a bit to match the overall tone of the image.