This Old Shed

I made this the same Idaho morning as my B&W cloud image posted a while back. I experimented with a conversion, but much prefer this one in color.

Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.

D810, 70-200mm

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Harley, a really neat open prairie scene with accompanying outbuilding. The layers and contrasting colors add nicely to the vast open view…:sunglasses:

btw: that outbuilding is a mega-mansion here in my neighborhood…:clown_face:

Good call on the color for this one Harley. I really like the feeling of loneliness for whomever may have occupied that shed. The larger view also reveals the shadow play on the landscape beneath the low hanging clouds. I also like the brightness and color in the grasses.

The only suggestion might be to increase the brightness of the whites in the clouds and while the blue in the sky is probably spot on to reality I might be inclined to tweak the hue/sat of the blues - very minor and subjective.

Comp is excellent. Pretty good example of the rule of thirds, or the golden rule.


Isn’t it amazing how low those clouds came down? Sometimes the clouds come down in Tuolumne Meadows like that. I always loved it.

I took a few minutes to work on this on my computer. The most significant thing I came up with was a crop from the bottom that removes all the darker grass at the bottom. That stretches the horizon due to a panoramic format and makes the house more lonely, more vulnerable.

I’m a sucker for images of lonely old buildings in the middle of nowhere - I love this one!! I would have gone with a bit more contrast in the grass/shed, but I also tend to overdo this often, so your choice may be right,

Great western landscape image. Looks good to me and I like this a lot.

Harley, you caught the lovely fall colors in the prairie grasses beautifully here. The old shed (likely a small house…) is also very common sight in the mountain valleys of the Northern Rockies that sets the scale nicely even as it provides a good sense of history. That low, clinging cloud layer is also quite typical. It’s a fine addition to the scene.

Beautiful scene. Those yellow grasses add some real vibrant color. The “shed” provides scale and speaks to the expansiveness of the landscape. Framing and processing look good to me. I can see multiple other crops but what you have works well.