Those D . . . Humans!

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7D II; 100/400 @ 148; 10.0; 800ISO; WB: auto; 1/1000th

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At least the deer read the sign; some humans probably didn’t. Cute photo.

Jim, it’s great to see proof that the deer can read! :wink: This is a nice collection of decent sized bucks, good for a big grin.

Too funny, Jim. It does look like that they read the sign and turned away from the forbidden area.

A nice trio of bucks, Jim. The chain and signs really do make this image, particularly with the kind of rotational pattern created by the deer. I do wish that darn bright dead clump in the top center weren’t there-it really draws my eye. An excellent image.

Thank you all for the comments. Dennis, as you know there is a lot of Scotch Broom on the coast, and that distraction is a fairly large dead one. My PP abilities are not good enough to take care of it. I am, however, working on curing that.
Allen, you are correct; some humans do disregard the signs and trespass onto the neighbor’s property. Whenever we see them we do ask them to leave. Lots of wildlife out there and great mushrooming for those who are experts (not I), but not I.