Tree Frog with Escape Plan

From September last year in Jean Lafitte NP. For me one of the most appealing features of these little guys are their eyes, but in this case it seemed this one was looking for a place to escape. The field of view is about 6x9 inches. I left it full frame to get input on whether it should be cropped.

7D II with 100-400 II, Manfrotto 410 Geared Head on Wimberley I, ISO 100, 1/60 f8 0.0EV

What a neat shot, Bill. I love the green on green. Him keeping his back to you is kind of neat too. I see enough of his left eye to have some contact with him. As for cropping, I think it is fine like it is, but it might look even better if you were to crop a tiny bit off of the bottom just to get him a little less off centered. Great detail in both the grass blade and the frog. Take that bit of advice with the fact that I am still learning myself! Nice shot.

Interesting input, Shirley. I had originally thought about cropping from both top and bottom, but had not tried it. I kind of like cropping from bottom only, as it gives the frog more looking space.

Bill, The overall green with a variety of tones is very attractive. I think that either a crop off the top or a crop off the bottom would work well. I try both and switch between the two to see if I liked one better than the other.

I agree with a crop below. The frog and the leaf from a V and by a crop below you get rid of the light triangle in the LLC which distracts from this V, imho. May I suggest the use of a polariser? A real neat simple image.