Tulips from below

Description:One of the joys of living in Central Vermont is access to Von Trapp Flowers spectacular bouquets of locally grown tulips all winter long. I put them on a table with lots of sunshine and enjoy photographing them every day, often for more than a week as they age slowly, with different light and different looks


Specific Feedback Requested: I’m new to working with high-key so any comments are welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Sony7000 at 1/400, f/6.3, ISO 2000 and 210mm

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites) No, a single image

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Having access to such wonderful flowers all winter is indeed a special privilege, John. I like the composition of this and the white background to set it off. Well done.

Lovely color balance and shades. Wish I could see like this!

Indeed. Von Trapps (related to THE Austrian singing family!) plants something like 100,000 bulbs each year and we can get a wide range of colors and species every week at our local food coop.

Thank you Karl. I appreciate you saying that. From your portfolio it looks like you do just fine, especially with birds and animals…something I rarely photograph!

John, I’m thoroughly enjoying the pastel reds here.

Thanks, Mark. Of course it changes throughout the day with changes in the light. “What color was it?” The color I decide it was, right?!