Under the Sun

I took this almost a year ago under a sunny hot day in Victorville CA. I used my 90D with the Canon 100-400 plus the exender 1.4x This was 1/500 second at F/11 at 560mm iso 400. She had some interesting color on her. Pretty small as well. I wish I had the tripod but these little ones only sit for a very short time. I did crop this one, as always comments and suggestions welcome

Dean: Pretty darn good effort hand held with the rig you were using. We have a bunch of similar skippers in our garden so I appreciate the degree of difficulty on this shot. Good focus on the proboscis and head and a fine perch. >=))>

Dean, most skippers are small and quick, which makes them challenging subjects. I like that you picked up some of the iridescent colors in it’s back. I do think that a touch of burning-in of the brightest bits would help the viewing.

Dean, these guys really can be a challenge to capture, and I think you did a great job. I am amazed too that you were able to do it HH with your gear. I agree with Mark that maybe burning in some of the brightest areas may help.