Very small Insect + Repost

I have no idea what these tiny ones are but they seem to be quite a few in the yellow poppies here in Southern AZ. I used a 90D and the 180 macro with a extension tube 25mm. 1/640 f/13 iso 500 with a diffused flash. The macro was set at 1:1 and I just moved to focus. Now that I am at home I wondered if wider opening would have been better.
This photo image is about 70% cropped down to a 4x3 aspect ratio. There is another one blurred out some below and to the right, should I remove that one. I was on a table top tripod so that helped keeping steady but there was also a breeze.


Dean: Good catch and a fine capture. I like the sharpness of the main bug (ID?) but I would be tempted to try to make the second OOF critter go away with careful cloning or CA. Still really nice work with a tough rig to handle. >=))>

That is one tiny bug, Dean. I like your selective focus on this shot. I agree with Bill that the second bug being out of focus is more of a distraction. Great job.

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Dean, the mix of yellow and gold in the flower and the golden bugs works very well. The main bug is nicely sharp and the details in the stamen look good. Yes, the softness of bug #2 is a bit distracting, but cloning it out while filling the details of the stamen that it’s on looks like a major challenge, it’s ghostly presence is an interesting surprise. Centering the stamen works well here.

I updated the photo removing the other insect, Used healing brush and CA in PS. With the healing brush I create a new empty top layer and check sample all layers. This allows me to toss it if the healing was not working well

The insects are thrips and require them to be slide mounted for identification. Your second version is improved over the first. Well done…Jim

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Dean: Really nice work on the repost. I edited your title to reflect the rework. It’s always a good idea to do so so that others will revisit the image. >=))>