View at Malmagen + rework

REWORK based on comments


Here is a view of the Malmagen lake, situated in Fjällnäs, Härjedalen, Sweden.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details


I love the mood this conveys. The luminosity in the upper half is also very beautiful. This also conveys some of the northern colors with the steel blue sky and the brown foliage. Perhaps I’ve been looking at too many videos but the water in some places is rendered in the way Cezanne would have done it. The foreground rocks look a bit flat to me but I suspect that’s due to the polarizer. I personally would crop off some crop the bottom and I would rotate the image just a slight bit clockwise. The shoreline is likely not perfectly perpendicular to the line of vision but I would still change it to make it look as though it were. I like the fact that the image is not overly blue.


Excellent near-far landscape image. There’s just enough interest in the sediment-covered rocky foreground to begin exploring the mood here, ending with wonderful and dynamic sky.

Agree pretty much with Igor’s comments, including the slight rotation. While it’s understood - by at least photographers… that the shoreline is a receeding shoreline, it’s just off enough to mentally want it more level. Not a huge deal though

Processing, et all looks great.


Wonderful scene, Ola. This is so peaceful. Lovely.

Sorry for my late reply, but I have been traveling and have had some problems with NPN on my Phone.

@Igor_Doncov, @Lon_Overacker and @David_Bostock thanks for your kind comments and advice.

No polarizer, this image was shot with my small Olympus PEN travel camera. Your advice is to add more contrast in the FG?

I have tried several crops and had a hard time determined which one to choose!

Thanks, I never thought about that since the image show the correct situation.

I used Levels instead of contrast.

Hey Ola! Very impactful and moody photo! I enjoyed looking at it very much. You’ve done a great job with the composition and matching the colors of the day, the weather, and the mood. That’s not easy to do so give yourself a pat on the back. Two things that stood out to me… In the composition, I get a little lost once I stop seeing the rocks on the bottom of the water. This is some negative space that could be removed or decreased by simply getting your camera closer to the ground at a lower perspective. Second, you could also eliminate that negative space by adding a longer exposure speed to smooth out the surface of the water to create a reflection of the moody clouds above. Again, great shot! It got me excited for fall where I live!

Hi Ola. I really like this image. Rocks/stones underwater, but visible, in the foreground of an image is a favourite of mine, especially when the colours work so well together and there is good connection between them and whatever is in the distance, as you have here with the trees. All of the colours in the image just work so well to result in a lovely ‘soothing’ and peaceful scene. I’m not put off by the negative space that David commented on as the entire image has something to offer in complementary colour connections and plently of texture contrasts.
Funnily enough, I was about to post an image of rocks under the foreground water of a glacial lake leading to mountains in the distance, but I thought like David that the big mental jump between those rocks and whatever else is in the mid- or background is likely to be a bit of a problem to some. Maybe David, like me, has short-sighted vision :grin:

I did not expect to be drawn into this but I am…Moody and the FG rocks are the best part.
It does need to be leveled.

@David_Johnston, @Phil_G and @Dan_Kearl thanks for your kind comments and advice.

Based on comments I have posted a rework at the top: The image is leveled, I have added some contrast to the stones in the FG and I have croped away a part of the FG.

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