Vulture Yoga

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Driving the back roads of Tehama County (northern California) on a foggy winter’s day, I spied this vulture getting some morning air on its wings. I loved it’s pose.

When it comes to negative space, I tend to think of not only the wide-open spaces in a frame, but also the detailed spaces around smaller things in the frame. Here, I moved around until I could get a mostly clear shot of the vultures spread wings and head, where they weren’t intersecting with the tree. The fog helped by obscuring details in the background.

Specific Feedback

Any comments welcome. I’m not concerned about anything in particular. Just wanted to share this one as it always catches my eye when I’m scrolling through my processed images.

Technical Details


Bonnie, this looks great. The silhouetted trees, fence and vulture are nicely graphic. There’s enough detail in the near land to contrast well with both the silhouettes and the faded trees in the distance. I can easily see why this gets your attention. For me, there’s a bit of melancholy along with the peacefulness

I’ve always been a fog freak, so this really appeals to me, Bonnie. The composition is excellent-obviously well thought out and carefully executed.

Thank you, @Mark_Seaver and @Dennis_Plank.

Bonnie, this is an exciting study of the bird. The fog only strengthens it. The bird’s position in relationship to the tree makes the composition. I like the suggestion of the trees in the distance. I wonder if the tree to the far right strengthens the composition or takes the eye away from the bird.
It is trying to fill the negative space. Just a thought.

Thanks, @Barbara_Djordjevic. I deliberately framed this to include the right hand tree. For me it helps frame the open space in the center of the frame. It’s not just about the bird, but also the greater environment.

What is important is what works for you and what you want to say. Great picture.

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