Waiting for Spring

Taken while wandering around in the backyard garden after a heavy frost.

Specific Feedback Requested

Would like feedback on general composition, cropping, selective focusing.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Olympus 60mm macro lens, ISO 1000, f9, 1/60


Bill, a nice fine and capture, and the frost is a nice addition. I like the composition and selective focus. The back lighting really makes this shot even better. When I enlarged it the background seems to show some noise. Not sure if you ran any kind of noise reduction in your post processing, but if not, that might could help the over all quality of the image. A nice capture as presented, in my opinion.

Beautiful, Bill. Fantastic detail in the seed pod and perfect backlighting. Nicely seen.

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Shirley, Thanks for the feedback. I neglected to apply some noise reduction, but should have since I was at ISO 1000. Thanks, Bill

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Bill, this is nicely frosty, looking very good as presented. If you’re so inclined, I could see two possible changes; first a bit of (or a bit more) burning along the left edge to darken the whites , second, a bit of dodging at the base of the seed head to show a tiny bit more detail. (I like having to look carefully but that area looks mostly black on my screen.)

Mark, Thanks for your feedback. Much appreciated. As I get this kind critique, I find myself going back over past images with a fresh look. Thanks. Bill