War Horse

I love shooting seascapes! This is still a work in progress I feel. The colors were difficult to control, as the far sky was a rather unique pastel color (maybe due to my polarizer) and kinda put me out of my comfort zone.

Let me know what you think or how it could be better!

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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I can see why you love shooting seascapes! This capture is quite phenomenal. Indeed I see the head of a horse in there. Very cool!

I think the colors look appropriate and well controlled, but hard to say without seeing the original OR witnessing the scene. The spray caused by the wave could have an impact as well.

You didn’t mention any technicals, but I have to assume the shutter speed was pretty high, at least 1/1000th? The spray from the wave is so fine that it’s actually giving this image a graininess typically associated with old, high speed films. Anyone else see that?

Great image!


Jordan, the light and colors here look natural to me, given the time of day this was taken. That backlit spray is really nice, you timed this wave very well. The exposure and contrast look good to me. Having the tallest wave centered in the composition works okay for me, but I think if you cropped a little off the left it would makes the image a bit more dynamic, creating a greater sense of motion in the center wave.

Cool! I am glad there are people out there that love taking seascapes, because I like to look at them but not shoot them :laughing: This photo really benefited from the title - it instantly gives it some power and artistic intent.

One of my thoughts is to try darkening to right hand side of the frame a bit more, and maybe try to lighten the horse’s head and spray a bit more. The eye is drawn to brightness and warmth, and in this image the main focus is really the cool dark parts so I think you should do all you can to direct the eye toward them and away from other parts.