Watching the watcher

Not quite parallel, but close. Field guide says this is most likely a Fawn Darner (boyeria vinosa). It was right on the edge of a creek in late June not far from my house. What a delightful surprise. I haven’t seen these emerging on the Wisconsin river which is in the backyard, so it was nice to have some variety in my dragonfly metamorphosis images.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any improvement suggestions are welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Lumix GH3
Legacy Olympus 90mm f/2 macro
f/5.6 | 1/6 sec | ISO 320

Lr processed for clarity, contrast & the usual. I doubt this is much of a crop.


Oh wow, Kris. What a shot. I love the nice bright green background that makes the subject stand out nicely.

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Heck, it might be a Darn Fawner, for all I know! What I do know is there is nice verticality and, as @Shirley_Freeman said, a bg that makes the image pop a bit. Nicely done.


The parallel between the DF’s body and it’s perch stand out very well here, Kris. The bright green background adds a nice late spring feeling.

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Thanks everyone. Whatever stick it climbed up was well isolated from the rest of the vegetation which really kept things simple & strong. Around Memorial Day you all could get kind of sick of these shots. lol

Great image, Kris. I love the crispness and details in the large version and the bright green BG certainly does shout springtime to me. Great eye to spot this.

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