Waterfall at Livsätraån

I have spent two weeks in the western part of Härjedalen, one week of day hikes and one week participating in a photo workshop. I will post some images from these weeks: This is a waterfall in the creek Livsätraån.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 64, f/14, 1.6 sec, olympus lens 7-14 at 9 mm (18 mm equiv.), olympus camera om-d em1x


Excellent image, Ola! The water appearing from around the corner of the rock, the stair step rock pattern in the foreground, the colors! Even if there were no waterfall at all this one would be a pleasure to look at. It screams early fall with the yellow/green turning to orange and the black stone is nice to offset the vibrant colors. You MIGHT be able to tone down some of the brightest ares of the water in the main falls the spot where they land looks like ti could be pushing the edge of the histogram a bit, but this is a really fun image!

The balance in this image is extraordinary. The way the water snakes out of the shot in the back allows depth, but also keeps the composition contained. And we went to spent time with all that lovely water and foliage. The colors are so harmonious and rich. Good framing with both banks. Love it to bits. Resisting the temptation to raise the exposure was a good decision.

Oh, that’s really nice Ola. The composition and shutter speed are perfect. I can’t think of anything to change. Well done.

This is just wonderful, and the lead-in lines from the LL take the eye right up the falls – perfect!

I really like the composition and the colors, and I can only repeat what others have said already.
My only wish would be an image with an exposure of e.g. 0.5 sec, to compare. In general, I prefer a less “milky” look.

This is an outstanding composition Ola, it creates a tremendous sense of depth. And the multiple tiers of water just sweep my eye across the image. Autumn waterfall images don’t much better than this. This is more than just a waterfall portrait, the strong composition elevates it several notches.

While this is just wonderful in color, I also think you have the potential for a great B&W image here too. Boost the luminosity of the yellows in your B&W conversion to make the leaves pop, and you are in business.

@Kris_Smith, @David_Wallace, @David_Bostock, @Ed_McGuirk, @Ed_McGuirk, @Han_Schutten and @Diane_Miller thanks for your very kind comments.

For this image, when arriving at the scene I took the time to just walk around without no camera equipment to feel in the place and to get impressions on different possibilities before I finally decided for this scene, and then put into a lot of effort to find the best spot for the composition/framing. … and I was so much into making this image that I forgot my thermos and my wooden drinking-vessel when leaving, having to return the next day to pick them up. However, it is a very nice hike so just a pleasure to return!

It is very much a matter of personal taste, I happen to like silky water and often have to force myself not to overdo it. I have some more images with different shutter speeds so I could in some areas blend in water with slightly more texture.


Thanks for the input. I will for sure try that!