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Are you kidding me? You struck gold here (pun intended)! This is tremendous! I actually much prefer this to the previous as the hind wave has overcome the hotspot on the water. As before, I’d clone the bird out. This is just great!

I missed the bird, again. Thanks.


Close call, but I think this one surpasses the previous frame. I like the tighter view and as Jim mentions, I like that the closer wave is “caught up” a bit. I did like the highlights in between in your previous version however…

Anyway, I think the power of the wave is on better display here. Fantastic wave action.


Jim: even the thumbnail elicited a “WOW” . This is truly a wall hanger. Congrats!!. Richard

Thank you everyone. There are 4 more in the sequence (same wave in all as it heads toward the rocks). I’ll post rest but wonder if that is getting too repetitive.

This is as good of a wave photo as I’ve ever seen. Powerful, great light and tight comp.

Beautiful dynamic capture! What a glorious wave and scene. This one is definitely my favorite.

I am honored by the Editors-pick. Thank you. I appreciate all the comments. They are very helpful.

Wow. Congrats on the Pick Jim, well deserved. I’m enjoying all these in the series.

It’s probably a fool’s errand to play around with an Editor’s Pick, but I was curious to see what this wave looked like isolated against the rock, without the sky showing in the corner (and I clarified the wave a little). Just thoughts for variation, the image is spectacular as presented.

Edit: I just saw the different processing where you added clarity to the wave in your recent post. Looks good!


Awesome capture. I like the wider angle presentation where you get more context.

I also like the wider version… But wow…

What a gorgeously shaped wave. And yes, the rocks defnitely add to the beauty of it all!
Grt, Ingrid.

What an amazing wave image! Marvellous texture and pattern in the wave, and great colors.

Just Wow! Not only the wave, but the light! I like the original best because I can imagine being there easier.

I am pleasantly surprised that there are new comments about this image. Thank you all for your recent comments. They are very much appreciated. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, I have not been able to get back there for the recent high tides and storms. Hopefully, this year.

I don’t follow Landscape closely, Jim and I just noticed this. An incredible image. Congratulations.

Oh my! What a stunning scene. The light is just fantastic!

Dennis and Mark, Thank you for the kind comments. Hopefully 2021 will allow us to venture further from our homes allowing us to experience nature at distant places.