WC # 915 Acadia Storm 2

Even with some decent wave action from the noreaster, the drab light still produced a pretty uninspiring shot, so I added a 10 stop nd to try to make it a little more interesting. If you look closely, you can pick out my brother Ed on the opposite outcropping.

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Michael, my first thought was about the “crazy photog” (and his ghost :wink:) sitting by his tripod taking this in. (I love going out in stormy weather, the mood is so different plus there’s almost nobody around.) The misty surf and low contrast light add a nice touch of gloom. Here’s a look at where I’d take this (admittedly my vision, not yours…). This has a reduced blue and cyan sat layer plus some mid-tone dodging and very dark burning in the trees as well as a bit of darks burning in the sky.

The misty water sure works well! I like Mark’s treatment of the sky but I like the blue in the water. A hybrid. :slightly_smiling_face:

This turned out really well, Mike. I wish I had thought to use my variable ND filter. Oh that’s right, I left it in my other camera bag which I have a bad habit of doing on more than one occasion .:crazy_face: The motion in both the clouds and that in the water has helped create a very moody image and of course that photographer on the rocks adds a nice sense of scale.:smiley:

Michael: One has to view this large to really appreciate it. Just a marvelous image and including Ed is icing on a very nice cake. Do you guys have a gentleman’s agreement on model release :wink:? Marvelous shot that makes me want to be there. >=))>