When Trees Dream #3

Yet another from the verge of the Merced River in Yosemite. The glorious yellow of the black oak leaves really came out in this reflection.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcome. I’m fairly satisfied with this, but always welcome thoughts.

Technical Details

a7r3, 65mm, f/11, 1/60s, ISO 400, hand held.

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Oh I think I like this one the best. Three distinct areas that mimic a landscape work well to keep me from spinning off into unreality, something I really need in order to connect with photographs. Really super light and transparency in the water even with a bold reflection. Super work as always.

Really stunning, Bonnie. I can certainly see why you are happy with it. The reflection of the tree leaves has such a painterly feel while the tree limbs retain just enough clarity to add a dash of reality. The snowbank (?) & water in the foreground are a wonderful wintery contrast to the fall reflection. Absolutely outstanding capture.

Whoaaaaah, Bonnie. This is stunningly unique. Great composition, color, separation, etc, etc. I love everything about this one. Beautiful wall hanging!!!

Thanks @_Kris, @linda_mellor, and @Donna_Callais.

I’m glad you like it, Kris. Actually, the more realistic view in this one gave me pause, wondering if it was too realistic - lol. Interesting how everyone’s tastes are so different - unreality is just catnip to me!

The snow bank and log in the bottom are reflections, also. The scenery, with snow on the ground and fall color still on the trees was gorgeous and this scene where I could get all that in a full reflection caught my eye.

I hope so - I’m about to print it for a show!

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Your vision never ceases to amaze me! I’ve viewed several times and still can wrap my little mind around this one. All I know if that this wonderful and unique!

Reading the comments after the fact - is a mind bender that the snow/ice at the bottom is a reflection? Real > Unreal for sure.

One thing is certain, this and most all of your work is inspiring to know that I could go to Yosemite a thousand more times and know there are still unique and beautiful images to be found and made there.




Thanks, @Lon_Overacker! Yes, there’s more to be seen in Yosemite than grand landscapes (as we know). I don’t recommend going at Thanksgiving, though - it was a traffic circus!!

Bonnie, this is tremendous. Like @Lon_Overacker , I can’t quite wrap my little pea brain around what’s happening here. I know for sure that the trees Fall colors are a reflection but the bank of snow in the foreground??? Real or not real, that is the question. I think the bank is real and not reflected giving a nice contrast to the wavy reflections in the water and terrific Fall colors. Good of you to be there when there was snow on the ground AND Fall colors. NICE! Well seen, Bonnie.

Lovely and very unusual composition. The gray band at the top is a great balance for the ice. The old vertical flip trick? Well seen and executed! Best wishes for success with the show!

Wow! I love this, Bonnie. So cool that it’s all a reflection. Great composition on your part. I know you’ll do great at the show! Sounds like fun!

Thanks, @David_Haynes, @Diane_Miller, and @Vanessa_Hill.

Oh, I do that ALL the time!

Nope - it’s almost all a reflection. :slight_smile: Here’s the bigger scene for reference. Upon looking at the big scene, I realized that the upside down rocks showing through the snow were actual rocks on the river bottom, showing through the reflection. The snow and wood are reflections, though.

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You had me fooled, Bonnie. Wow, Yosemite looks beautiful. Sorry it was a zoo for you and everyone else that was there.

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Yeah – the “real” bits showing through the reflection make it psychedelic!

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