Where No Sole Has Tread +Rework


Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


In the sandstone, there’s a spot that looks just like a footprint, as if marking a journey where no one has really walked. It’s a simple, natural shape made by wind and weather, hinting at exploration and the curiosity to see beyond the familiar, all without a single step being taken.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

23 mm at ISO 100 and 1⁄500sec at ƒ/9

A great find, Saundie. It looks like this formation is an unending source of interesting abstracts.

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Wonderfully expressive image Saundie! The ambiguity of scale works well here. The frame is filled with so much detail and texture to explore. Love the title and the caption. Great metaphor for one’s photographic journey and the pursuit of personally meaningful work guided by curiosity and going beyond the familiar.

You could lighten that darker rock in the upper left corner to keep the eye more towards the center of the image.

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@Dennis_Plank Thanks Dennis I am sure there are many years of discovery for me in the area. Thanks for the feedback!

@Alfredo_Mora Thanks Alfredo. I think it’s a story we all share for sure. Will take a look at that corner, appreciate the feedback.

Another amazing capture!! You make me want to move to this other west coast!!

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If you have no aversion to deadly snakes, spiders and sharks its a great place to be Diane! :+1:

Don, this is a beautiful find and very expressive abstract. The rework was a good idea. I like the concentric lines surrounding the “footprint.” They add more depth to the image. The color palette is also very pleasing. It’s a beautiful image.

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Oh, I like this image. Great composition and framing. I would love to see something like this.

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@Egídio Thanks for the feedback Egídio glad you like it! :pray:

@Chris_Baird Thanks Chris! :pray:

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