Natures Rake +Rework


Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This curve in the sand looks just like a path you’d find in a Zen garden.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

35 mm at ISO 320 and 1⁄500sec at ƒ/8

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I love this! Another 3D – have you got me under a spell or something?

I might clone out the tiny detail in the UR corner and the slightly irregular bits along the bottom toward the left but those are really small nits.

:rofl: If you knew how many hours I have spent crawling around this landscape you’d know its me that’s under a spell. I’ll fix that UR issue and the bits among the bottom. Thanks for the feedback Diane. :pray:

Very well done, a beautifull zen!

Saundie, the sandstone location that you have photographed is amazing. I’m sure there were endless compositional possibilities. Here is another fine abstract image for your collection.

The duality of “seeing” in this one is strong. What I mean by duality is I see a eye as represented by the stark white oval shaped sandstone. If I shift my glance to the right, I see that eye and portion of a face. The brow is furrowed.

Now if I shift my perspective to the left, I see another partial face again with that eye shape but that face has a different expression. Fascinating abstract! I wish it were mine.

Subtle, but effective changes in the rework, Saundie. I like this a lot. I’d love to see a broad shot of this area just to see what it looks like when you’re wandering around it.

@HennyJA Thanks Henny! :pray:

@Alfredo_Mora It is endless Alfredo, I have been visiting this spot for over 5 years and still I find new formations to shoot. I saw the one face the one with the furrowed brow, but not the second … I will keep looking. If you ever get down under I’ll make sure you get your own. Thanks for the feedback!

@Dennis_Plank Thanks Dennis. I’ll see if I have a wider shot of the area, I tend to hone in as soon as I get there, lots of distractions. Thanks for the feedback!

Here is a slightly broader shot, it does show how crowded with texture the area is.

Very cool. I looked at the images posted on the other link and it looks very extensive.

Sorry Dennis I deleted that link, I looked at it again and thought it didn’t really give a good idea of the landscape, thought this image gave you a far better idea. Its a huge area.

Very nice, Saundie! I would have spent hours there myself - weeks in fact, with so much good stuff to explore. You did a fine job with this and after the slight changes @Diane_Miller suggested (which I noticed too at first) it improved a whole lot! Good work overall.

Thanks Brenda appreciate your feedback! :pray: