Where's My Pitchfork?


With apologies to Grant Wood. The head-on poses of this one just reminded me of that well known painting. The same couple as David’s post a minute or two later.

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Is this a composite? No
A7Riv, FE200-600 + 1.4TC @ 823 mm, tripod with ballhead and Sidekick mount, f/10, 1/2000, iso 1250, manual exposure. Processed in LR & PS CC. Cropped to 3482x3023. I cloned out a couple of lily pads in the background that had very dark sections which drew the eye. I also painted over the lighter sections of the two lily pads and their reflections with green sampled from the adjacent portions of the leaves. Taken yesterday at 10:14 am at a local pond.

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A quirky view of this lovely pair. He looks vigilant! I think the work you’ve done to keep our focus on their funny faces worked. The detail in them and the breast feathers is terrific. Our woodies aren’t back yet, but I saw some hoodies yesterday. Soon they’ll be whizzing around the backyard fighting for the hollow tree.

So…how do you like this item? I’ve seen one IRL, but never used one. They’re pricy - a big chunk of a gimbal price. Worth it? Do you also use a gimbal head? Spill it! lol. PM me if you don’t want to clutter your thread. Thanks in advance.

A good head on view, still showing the great colors of the wood duck. Excellent detail and a nice setting.

I love this with the title. Well done!

It looks like a very nice family portrait. Good job on the color, detail, and lighting. The exposure is perfect. And you put your watermark in a perfect location.

Wonderful portrait of these two, Dennis. Must admit, when I look at them the painting by Grant Wood called American Gothic keeps coming to mind.

Hi Dennis
Like Linda, I to came to the same title even before I looked to see your title. Great minds think alike?
The color, framing and detail are great.

Terrific capture, Dennis. I can’t stop looking at their faces. Excellent detail and color.

Nicely done Dennis. A very good look at the pair. Certainly a different level of intimacy as compared to David’s.
Also a slightly different bg.
Fun to see the two versions.