White-breasted Nuthatch

Taken today at the backyard set up. Attracted by peanuts. I realize the perch is fairly large and attention getting but I already have many shots of these species on thinner perches so I am enjoying adding a new twist to these to my files. I cloned out a part of the oof perch ahead of the bird in lower right.

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C, tripod
ISO 640, f9, 1/320s

Any comments appreciated.

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Allen, I really enjoy your bird shots, especially this one. Not even a small suggestion as to how it can be improved because I can see no reason for improvement. Keep them coming.

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Allen: Nice frame of the Nuthatch. Nice that the pose was parallel to the camera with an ideal head turn. The perch is great as is the background. Nicely done.

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Allen, very nice image and well done in post. You did a good a good job on removing some of the perch as with my eyes I can’t tell.

What a great shot, Allen. I love everything about it. The perch is fine for me. The colors and details are wonderful. The background and the perch compliment each other, and the bird stands out nicely. I could see this on a calendar! :+1: :+1:

Not only is this a mighty fine shot of the Nuthatch (wouldn’t change a thing) but I love how it shows off its huge rear talon which is build for upside down work, which they do a lot. Sweet.

Another nice shot with your set-up. Agree with the previous comments: nice background and perch and excellent detail.

Excellent color, detail, and BG. Superb pose and head turn. I have no problems with the well textured perch.

The perch doesn’t bother me a bit, Allen. I like lichens! You can always make the bird dominate with a little selective exposure control in post processing, though in this case, I don’t think it’s needed.

No nits - I like the frame, pose, angle and light. The background and perch set the nuthatch up very well.

Hi Allen,

The nuthatch looks good and the image is nice and sharp. Looks fine as presented. Well done…Jim

Fantastic image of a wonderful subject, and also on a very attractive perch. Love it ! Cheers, Hans