White Ibis landing pose

Taken a few years back in Louisiana.

Canon 7D, 400mm DO
ISO 400, f7.1, 1/3200s, hand held

Any comments appreciated.

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Wow, Allen, this is really a great in flight shot! The details are spectacular. Perfect exposure. I love the position of the wings, and how even the beak and the feet are positioned in close to his wings. If this was mine, it would be hanging on the wall!!! :+1::+1:

Technically this is a very nice image. Great exposure on the whites, details are sharp, nice wings. Artistically, it doesn’t work for me. Not a fan of flight images against plain skies and it is so tight in the frame that there’s no room for movement. Just not my style, nor up to your standard image style that I’ve seen here.

I love it! If it was mine I would consider adding a little to the right of the frame. What a shot, though.

Allen, bird-against-sky aside, I think this would be a lot nicer if the head is turned a little bit towards us. The sun is coming from the left and if it has turned a little towards us, the head would be lit by the sun. I am really happy that the primary is not touching the bill at all.