White River Falls

This is one of my favorite waterfalls, even when the water level is low and the upper Falls is not flowing it is still pretty beautiful. The White River flows from Mt. Hood and all of the suspended glacial silt in the water gives it the color.

Fuji XT-2, 18mm, 10 sec, f10, iso 200, 10 stop ND filter

I really like the water leading into the main falls. Excellent job considering that it was overcast. This could easily be a canyon in Utah. Although I live in the Pacific Northwest myself, I have never been to this waterfall. It is decidedly different than those in the Columbia Gorge.

Thanks @David_Schoen, if you are ever in the area it is a great little state park to check out with an old power generation plant that is pretty neat too.

I agree. A very pleasant scene, Jeremy! Almost all of our streams are glacier fed and have that same coloring so it looks quite natural to me.

The turquoise color in a stream fed by glacial melt is always neat to view. I like the strong diagonal of the stream leading back to the falls. The details in the rocks show well with the overcast lighting. Looks like a great place to visit and revisit.