Wilson's Warbler

Somewhat frustrated trying to get decent images of these little quick moving warblers but enjoyed getting a few shots that I liked while they tried to get a drink or a bath at a drip station in a local wilderness park.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all comments always appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
First two images at ISO 2000 f8 and 1/2000. Third image at ISO 3200 f5.6 1/500. Used DeNoise Topaz for noise reduction and LR for processing. 200-500 mm at 320, 460 , 500

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You’ve had more luck with the warblers than I have this year! Great looking bird. The environment is pretty busy, but I rather like the first photo. Exposure looks right; maybe tell him to get a little further away from the background next time! Tech-wise, no need for f/8 here. You’re just costing yourself ISO, while not gaining much in return.

Thanks for your input, @Lyle_Gruby . Not a lot of perches to work with on the Oak, and the birds, well they just don’t take instruction too well.

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Very nice, Stephen. I like all three and I don’t mind the backgrounds at all. That wall of leaves is uniform enough for me that I don’t think it needs to be out of focus. A little later in the year, you should be able to get them in the bath.

A pleasing look at these warblers. I like all three images also. I think it’s really important to show the environment. Although I have had Wilson’s Warbler in my yard in the past, nothing this year.

Thanks for the input and comments @David_Schoen @Dennis_Plank it is much appreciated

I like the first and the third image the best. Nice detail and sharpness. Nice job considering that warblers never set still very long.