Yellow Wave - WC #889

After some strong recent rains the foliage is going wild everywhere. In this scene the open acreage was covered with wild mustard weed. I was drawn to this scene with high density of the growth throughout this area. This was just one of several pastures overtaken with the growth.

Qsta DXIII 4x5 - Schneider APO 150mm - Velvia 50

That is a heck of a nice swath of flowers. Must have been heavenly to witness and breathe in.

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This is an amazing collection of flowers, Paul. The contrast with the grass and shrubs in the background is striking as well.

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That sure is a plethera of wild mustard! Seems late in the year too (unless you took it a earlier…)

Hard to be critical here… but I think the contrast is a bit high in the field of flowers. But then again, this IS Velvia, so never mind… :laughing:

Good balance with the bg hill; a nice 1/3-2/3 balance.


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Paul: Marvelous scene. I like the comp as is but could also see a small crop from the bottom so that the frame is filled with the flowers along the bottom edge. I like the balance of the BG hillside. >=))>