On April 30, at 6:55 AM, this Yellowlegs, was one of the few birds on the Back River and some times, I just get lucky and catch the Yellowlegs as it screams by.
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Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon R5, Canon 100-500m & 1.4ext, f 10, 700mm, 1/1600, ISO 640. The shot is cropped by 50% and I adjusted the highlights and midtones in DXO Photo Lab 5.

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Wow, excellent catch, Peter. These guys are very hard to catch in flight. Well done.

Nice job Peter. I really like the quartering angle and open beak. You might get rid of the partial reflection as it doesn’t feel like it adds much to me.

Excellent flight shot with the wing position, open beak, and detail. I could go either way with the reflection, though in general I do prefer something additional to the bird, in flight shots, than just the background.

Thank you, David, Dennis & Allen for your comments. Here is a repost of the Yellowlegs without its’ reflection. I like the reflection, but I am posting here to improve each photograph and alway appreciate all comments.

Real nice job at catching this yellow legs in flight. Superb detail. Well composed. I like the linearity to the background. I am okay with the reflection but as Dennis mentions it doesn’t add a lot.

Love these little screamers. Hard to catch them in flight so great job on getting this one Peter. I like the down wing position, the slightly open beak and of course, the yellow legs. The water striations are certainly different but I think they are too much without the reflection so I prefer the image with the reflection.

Excellent catch! I’m 50-50 on the reflection – it feels a bit empty without it, but it is a little too distorted to be a wonderful added feature. I think a gradient burn from the bottom could be nice for either image.