A Focus on Feathers

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


On the rocky shore, a pelican preens with care, while its companion averts its gaze, respecting the solitary ritual. The scene is a quiet slice of coastal life, as enduring as the sea itself.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

37 mm at ISO 100 and 1⁄500sec at ƒ/10

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Saundie, I think this is my favorite of your pelican images so far. I love the upward angle, and the preening pose. The details are great in both feathers and rock. I’m generally not a BW fan, but this one works really well. Nice work.

Thanks Ed, glad you like it. I had hoped they would get closer together it would have worked better … just didn’t happen. Thanks for the feedback appreciate it.

Thought this was a great BW Ed!

Another fine black and white Don. I like the preening pose you captured and the two birds on left and right balance out the image. The tones of black and white look good to me. Nicely done.

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Your B&W treatment of the pelicans is excellent. Very artistic.

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This is really nice, Saundie. It’s not often we see a “wide” angle image in Avian, but it certainly is effective in this case. I also like the black and white treatment of the scene.

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@Allen_Sparks Thanks Allen appreciate your feedback! :+1:

@Allen_Brooks Thanks Allen!

@Dennis_Plank Thanks Dennis I’d never claim to know a thing about Avian photography its probably my ignorance on the subject that has me doing things like shooting wide. Love pelicans they are like the modern day tetradactyl.