A lovely front door shade!

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I went out yesterday during a break in the rain to see what I could find and have been processing quite a few focus stacks ever since. (May never get the mud stains off my jeans.) This is about 1/2" across and very close to the bottom of a very large stump, which necessitated some contortions with the tripod. This is one of the coolest front doors I have ever photographed.

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Screenshot 2024-02-04 at 2.35.42 PM

Focus stack of about 35. Tonal adjustments in LR then into Zerene. Back to PS for some dodging and burning.


OMG so cool. I love when this kind of thing appears. What is under there? Moth eggs? Larvae of some kind? So amazing. And the spider silk!!! Wow! I LOVE IT.

Not only a wonderful shot, but also amazing that you saw it (being so small and at a very difficult location). The focus stack of about 35 looks great. Are you returning to see what happens when the door is opened?

Thanks, @_Kris and @Jim_Gavin! I’ve been itching to get back to check on this but it rained steadily all day today, and probably will tomorrow. The forecasts of doom have luckily missed us in the last several storms but it was windy today and there are a lot of downed trees and numerous power outages in vast areas of central CA. Our generator came on a couple of hours ago but both kids, just our side of the Golden Gate, are OK so far.

I’ll be back to it Tuesday latest. No idea what the granules are, or who is living there. I’ll watch it. The other mushrooms in the group (which caught my eye initially) are larger and all tan. I’ll post more as I have time to try to do justice to them.

This is incredibly cool, Diane. I’ve never seen a fungus like that and the door is really neat. I’m trying to figure out what all that stuff in the doorway is. Some of it looks like egg sacks from the spider, but I can’t believe she’d produce that many.

Oh Diane, this is a wonderful find and an excellent capture. Amazing that you saw it and was able to get down low and do so many shots to stack. It really worked. I am enjoying this image so much. The water drops on the tiny spider web works as a screen door of sorts. I do wonder if that is eggs of some kind. That fungus, wow, I have never seen any like it. I sure can’t think of anything to improve this shot!

Stunning, Diane. Absolutely well seen, captured and processed. Definitely worth the contortions.

Diane: Spectacular find and an equally spectacular capture and presentation. Until you mentioned the size I had no clue about the scale. Most excellent! :+1: :+1:>=))>

Thanks, @Dennis_Plank, @Shirley_Freeman, @linda_mellor and @Bill_Fach! I went back today during a break in the rain but the appearance was the same – only the water droplets were much smaller. Strange. I’ll watch it, for sure. Did a quick iPhone shot of the tripod setup. I was right at the MFD.

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Wow Diane what an amazing looking fungus and perfectly shot! We dont have anything like that here, tried Googling but couldnt find it, (Can you believe in my haste to find out what it was I googled "Front Door Shade Fungus, I do wonder about my mental state some days! I need to get out more!) is there name for it or them ? Is that two different fungi?

Diane: That stump looks like a macro target rich environment. I am curious about what that black cylindrical thing is that seems to be growing on top of the stump :thinking: :wink:>=))>

Diane, thank you for the iPhone shot of your setup. It really emphasis the size of that mushroom. @Bill_Fach right, you probably could spend quite a bit of time at that stump with your macro setup. Looking forward to more shots from the stump! :grinning:

Thanks, @Saundie, @Bill_Fach and @Shirley_Freeman! Bill – yup, that’s how close I can get with that lens. The hood was almost touching the stump and shading the subject. Going hunting again tomorrow in the morning dew.

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Diane: First, I love the little top hat over the front door here. It looks like an old fashioned bonnet of some sort. I’m wondering if the creamy stuff is frass from some critter that used to live in the hole and then a spider, or a moth, perhaps left some webbing to go with it. Excellent job with the stacking. Something I need to figure out. . . Thank you for showing your set up for this as well.

Lots of cool stuff in this image from spiderwebs, raindrops, insect frass, and some obliging fungi. Well deserved EP and an awesome shot…Jim

Thanks, @Ed_Williams and @Jim_Zablotny! And thanks @Shirley_Freeman and @Bill_Fach for the EP!! I’m giving a lot of the credit to some nameless being (or probably several of them) a lot smaller than me!

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