The next stump + RP

A correction for the area at the bottom edge:

The original:

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


After finding the mushroom I posted two days ago, I found this on another stump maybe 50 ft away. Hard to tell if there is a front door there, but maybe… I have other shots of both colonies that I’ll work up soon. And more hunting to do.

Specific Feedback

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Technical Details

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 4.17.27 PM

Stack of maybe 25. Initial tonal tweaks sin LR and into Zerene. Then back to PS – cropped to 50% and more tonal tweaks. I chose to keep the BG dark to emphasize the tiny dewdrops and the very bright rim.


Diane, what a treat. I love all of those water drops on the webs and even on the green moss. The colors of the mushroom works well with the BG colors. I am wondering if it would be helpful to this already wonderful image if you were to crop the only blurred area of the green moss down on the bottom. To me it takes away from everything else in the image so sharp and nice. Just a thought. If this was my image I would be thrilled with it just as posted.

Gorgeous, Diane. I love the composition and the fact that you didn’t carry the stack all the way to the furthest background, which gives the image more depth.

Thanks, @Shirley_Freeman and @Dennis_Plank! Dennis, I do try to limit the stacks to emphasize the subject. But Shirley caught some sloppiness in this one. I had noticed the distracting OOF stuff at the bottom and it bugged me but then I neglected to address it further. I usually do more than one stack and in the next one those areas were more under control. I was able to layer in that area and mask it as needed. RP above. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!!

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Definitely an improvement in that area, Diane.

Oh yes, I like it.

Diane, the colors are lovely while the strings of water drops add lots of interest. The soft area does add the 3rd dimension.

Thanks, @Mark_Seaver. Three days later and it still looks the same. No idea what kind it is and I don’t remember seeing one like it before – I’ll post a picture of a larger clump.

Diane: An overload of incredible and marvelous details. Another great find and a superb capture. >=))>

Woo hoo! Glad you found more. I had a quick look through my Petersen guide and think this is most likely Stereum complicatum aka Crowded false turkey tail. They’re so fuzzy!

Thanks, @Bill_Fach and @_Kris! We do have a lot of standard-issue Turkey Tails so I could believe this is some sort of distant cousin. (Is it works that way, which it probably doesn’t…)

I have shots of an adjacent larger clump – I’ll post another view.