A single rosette

of Rhodobryum ontariense or Rose moss. This is a new tuft growing on a large rock with some other moss I have yet to ID. This was the first time I noticed the Rose moss and it is really striking - the rosettes are anywhere between 1 and 2 cm across and the larger groups are a mix of fresh growth like this and last years’. Those rosettes are darker and clearly something likes to nibble on the new leaves!

Most of the moss was growing in groups and small masses, but I managed to find an isolated bit. Played with the polarizer to bring up some shine, but not too much. It was pretty wet after recent rains.

Specific Feedback Requested

I cleaned up the scene a bit IRL, but didn’t have tweezers with me so it was tough. OK or too busy?

Technical Details

Tripod and CPL - used 90-degree center column to get the camera where I wanted and not destroy the moss on the rest of the rock with a leg. Used the 0/-/+ focus bracketing method and probably 4 or 5 step. Since I didn’t have to blur a far background I closed down to f/10.


Lr for RAW processing to smooth tonalities, bring up detail and possibly a little crop. Some wb adjustment as well. Zerene for a 9-image PMax stack. Lr for more work on the TIF file to bring up texture and contrast.

Crazy tripod tricks!


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Love your tripod tricks and tips, Kris. The image is wonderful, Not too busy at all. The surrounding stuff just frames the rosette quite nicely. Another fine macro shot, Kris.

I love this, Kris, especially the muted gleam on the far leaves. Thanks for all the details you give, both of the set-up and your post-processing. These are really informative and useful!

Excellent image, Kris. Your detailed outline and the photo of your setup is a real plus too. It provides some insight into the challenges we all face in the field with low to the ground photographic work… :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks @David_Bostock, @Mike_Friel & @Paul_Breitkreuz - glad it isn’t too jumbled and that the capture and processing info is helpful. I vacillate on how much to give and how much people find useful. Some say the 90-degree center column is just a gimmick, but I’ve found it useful a few times in situations like this one.

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Fascinating shot – I’ve never seen moss like this. Well composed and not too busy at all.

Your tripod is very acrobatic. Back in the last century (WAY back) I had a tripod with a center column and sometimes mounted the column upside down to get the camera close to the ground.

Thanks @Diane_Miller - it was my first time seeing (well to really notice) this moss and shoot it. Was lucky I had the big Manfrotto with me since it worked perfectly to get this. The RRS one we both have doesn’t have the center column so usually gets low enough for me. I just got a Platypod eXtreme the other day, but haven’t played with it much yet. That will go places tripods can’t.

Sounds interesting! Report back!