Acarospora socialis

aka bright cobblestone lichen - the most common lichen found in the southeastern US. Found at the Granite Dells in Prescott, AZ. While Diane took larger views, I went in with the macro lens. Even on vacation, lichen fascinates me.

Specific Feedback Requested

This was a tough one to process right - the lichen is practically neon and very greenish yellow while the rock is reddish brown and the other lichen is gray green. Mental! Does it look natural?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Lightroom for everything. A white balance change and increase in saturation. White and black points stretched to increase contrast and a lot of clarity and texture. Dehaze as well to deepen the rock color since it is so striking. Cropped a section to square.


Kris: A superbly crafted image of this wonderful small scene. Processing looks spot on to me and I love the disparate textures. Most excellent. >=))>

I agree with Bill. Processing looks great. I’ve seen “neon” lichen, and it looked like this.

Thanks, gents! I was hoping the varied textures would be interesting, @Bill_Fach - that’s why I didn’t crop tighter. And thanks for the validation on the color, @Jim_Gavin - sometimes after the fact it’s tough to remember exactly.

This looks god, Kris, and the colors look natural. The details in the rock add a fine 3D sense.

Looks wonderful to me! I love the detail in the large view, both in the lichens and the rock.

Kirs, you and Diane must have had fun getting to shoot together. So glad you were able to meet up. I do love the colors of the lichen as well as the shapes and textures.

Wonderful sharpness, detail, and color and a well composed abstract.