Black Throated Green Warbler Re-Post Big Version


Birders and photographers now outnumber Neotropical migrants at Magee Marsh along the Lake Erie shoreline. I found 13 species of warblers, but even the most frequently encountered species were represented by less than a dozen individuals. This is one of three black throated green warblers that was grounded due to heavy, cold Northwest winds.

Specific Feedback Requested: I left all sticks in place as the bird was trying to stay out of the wind.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

D500 600mm f4 (1/1000 sec. at f7.1, ISO 3200) Topaz DeNoise, Levels, desaturated yellows, full frame.

Is this a composite? No

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Large version not presently available.

Hi Jim. Going into the edit mode and deleting and reloading the image usually fixes that for me. A fine image. I’ve always wondered where the early ornithologists came up with some of their colors and it just occurred to me to wonder what they were using for a light source.

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I will try to upload it again after work. Network must have timed out while uploading the image…Jim

Nice look at this warbler, Jim. The migration here in Oklahoma has been spotty, and slow in coming. It’s been a cool, windy, wet spring. Keep shootin’ 'em when you find 'em; this one looks great.

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Thank you @terryb and @Dennis_Plank . Reloaded the image and the uploaded worked perfectly…Jim

Very nice work on this one, Jim. Excellent detail in the warbler. I’ve thought about Magee, but the crowds tend to scare me off. We did hit Pt Pelee on the other side once. We had one good afternoon, but the next morning was very slow.

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I really like the detail and the fact that the perch is in perfect focus along with the bird. Sounds like you had tough conditions but the outcome was just fine. The diagonals in the image add to the pleasing aspects of the composition.

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Gorgeous bird and surroundings! I wonder about a crop from the right to remove the bud in the UR and the brownish OOF twig toward the LR. I can’t decide if they act as framing elements or pull my eye away from the bird.

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What a fine look at a warbler I have not see. Lovely fine details throughout, Jim. Nice to get them sitting still for a moment.

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