Blue Dasher

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Another from last week’s visit to a nearby pond. It was a slow day, with mostly tiny Damselflies, but this guy finally posed.

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Technical Details

Screen Shot 2023-06-07 at 6.50.03 AM

Highlights and green saturation down a bit in LR, about a 50% crop. Into PS for Topaz Denoise. I had been handholding before this, for Damselflies, but don’t remember if I had gone back to the tripod for this one. Maybe not, judging from the ISO and SS.

Diane, a wonderful closeup take on this flying pond traveler. The overall detail is excellent, with the smaller wing details being super… :sunglasses:

A fine look at the DF, Diane. Sharp throughout. I thought a first I didn’t like the two stalks but the more I look at it, the more I kind of like it. They fill the space on the left where you are giving him room to move, and it is a part of his environment. It looks like his perch is about to break from under him, so that adds to the image as well, I think. We are starting to see some DFs here, but not many. Hoping to see them on the creek while we are at the camper. Maybe I can get a shot.

Hi Diane,
wow, that looks great. I love the details on the wings.
Maybe I would darken the perch a bit.

I haven’t caught any Damselflies at rest yet. But that’s the next level when I’m done with my bees on the terrace. :rofl:

May I ask what experience you have had with the extender? Are you satisfied? I have heard that some people do not like to use them.

Thanks, @Paul_Breitkreuz, @Shirley_Freeman and @Jens_Ober!

Jens, I LOVE the extenders on this lens! In the past they were better with prime lenses than with zooms but that has improved, undoubtedly more with some lenses than others. I find either extender is excellent on this lens, and it just about lives with the 2X on it. There is a little more CA with it than without, around very bright areas, but that’s a small price to pay for 1000mm with 3 ft close focus! With full-frame bodies I rarely have the reach I want. If there is any softening it is not noticeable enough to be an issue for me. Microscopic.

Either extender physically limits the lower zoom range to the 300mm position, but 600-1000mm keeps me very happy.


Nice capture Diane. I like seeing the top of the thorax with the wing attachments and this shows that area off well. Fine details throughout. I like the broken perch top too. I wonder if there is a western and eastern subspecies of Blue Dashers as yours look rather different from mine especially in the wings.

Excellent details and the light blue areas on the dragonfly have wonderful texture. The blue color is due to a waxy coating on the abdomen in mature males. I always like to have more of the face in view, but I like the touch of yellow at the base of the abdomen along with the details present on the thorax to make this a very good presentation. I am neutral about the OOF vegetation. Maybe more simplicity in the BG, but I understand that some fill provides added interest in the photo…Jim

Thanks, @Allen_Sparks and @Jim_Zablotny! I have a lot of keepers of Blue Dashers (they are common here). Showing more of the face is nice but after a while the ones I want to keep need to have some different interest. I liked the pose there that placed the near wings and abdomen in the same plane and I liked the reeds because so often there are so many in the frame that they are more of a distraction than a help. These gave a slightly different balance to the image.

I do think I should darken the top of the perch a bit.

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