Dandelion Puff

Paul’s lovely project prompted me to post this photo. Taken this past May. I really wanted to get out and try a stack of these to just get a bit more in focus…

A bit of wind blowing.

Specific Feedback Requested

Enough dof?


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
R5, 100mm macro, f/4, 1/320, ISO1600, cropped square.


Very nice!

I like it the way it is. More depth of field would make two changes. One, it would bring the point of attachment of the achenes into clearer focus. Two, the calyx tissue - the fluffy white puff - would be in focus and the ring of slightly out of focus puffs would be gone. That ring takes the viewers eye and gently guides it to the center of the image. And a very good image it is.


Agree with Paul. Dendelion seed pods are hard subjects. You can get several focal points with interesting results. Very nice image.

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Excellent! Abstract and real at the same time.

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The softness in the processing is a welcome sight. So many images these days have the contrast dialed up (I’m guilty, too). I also like that you were inspired by another member of the community to revisit this image. That’s a beneficial follow-on effect of this time of photography forum. Thanks for digging it out and sharing.

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David: I love shooting these guys and you’ve done really well here IMO. I like the square crop and your DOF/POF choice. :+1: :+1:>=))>

@Kris_Smith , @paul_g_wiegman , @Bill_Fach , @ravi and @Tony_Kuyper

Thanks for your comments. It just makes such a difference when you can get some feedback.

I love dandelions! And this is a great closeup perspective! Really nice work, David!