Edge Art No. 5

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Part of a series of similar images I made last summer while I was on Long Island off the coast of Portland, ME. It was overcast so not a lot of contrast to be had, but while fooling around with different B&W presets in Lr I came across this oddly green variation and decided to go with it. It’s a little fanciful, but I like it.

Specific Feedback

Thoughts and impressions. Is the green just too out there?

Technical Details



Lr for all the processing including adding contrast on top of this conversion. Texture and clarity, too. Probably cropped it a little, but I can’t recall.


At first glance, the presentation looks like the stone slid down from the upper right. Further viewing makes it clear that the sand structures are drainages, which makes the viewing more interesting. The greenish tones in the stone set if off nicely.

Love how the drainage lines create the tree pattern, Kris. Nicely seen and captured.

Caught my eye! I love the green color and subtle sand texture. Interesting lines, like a river delta.

Thanks @Mark_Seaver, @linda_mellor & @Cathy_Proenza - looks like my fanciful green isn’t too weird, sweet. The curvy lines are indeed water drainage from the tide. The beaches had tons of these all over and it was really fun finding and composing the images. I made a ton.

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I can never resist taking photos of these patterns etched in the sand. This one is interesting in the way it appears to be growing out of the rock.

Kris: Reminds me of my beach combing day at Harris Beach, Oregon in October. Wonderful find and a very attractive comp and capture. :+1: :+1:>=))>

thanks @Chris_Baird & @Bill_Fach - these are irresistible aren’t they? Once you notice what’s happening on the beach, it’s hard to look up again. Lucky for me I was with two of my oldest friends who have a similar affliction.

Kristen, your placement of the rock seems perfect to me, and the green is subtle enough to add even more interest in a barely perceptible way. (I calibrated my monitor this morning!) Your tones are beautiful. Yay for soft light!

Kristen, it does not look too out there at all. I like how the stone looks like a base to me and the water drainage lines look like a plant to me that grows from the stone. This is something I like to photograph whenever I am on a beach. They are like a natural geometry and without something as a hint for scale sometimes they look like huge landscapes. Very inspiring and thanks for sharing.

Thanks @Mary_Brisson & @holgermischke - happy that the green isn’t overwhelming and the geometry pleasing. It is such a flowing sort of image and one that could be wind or water and moving in…which direction? The mystery of it works even when you understand the mechanics.