Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This was taken just after sunrise at a beach just south of Seal Rock, Oregon. The low tide had exposed some great rock formations.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback is appreciated.

Technical Details

1/80 sec. @ f5.6, ISO 320

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Chris, I like the "flow " look to this scene. Converging it into the LLC works perfectly too… :+1: :+1:
The only thought for change is the brightness. Obviously subjective from monitor to monitor too. I might turn the Gamma down slightly for another look, but again, subjective overall… :thinking:
Regardless, a fine Rock Art scene… :cowboy_hat_face:

@Paul_Breitkreuz Thank you for your comments. I am a little technologically impaired. What is Gamma? How do I change it?

Chris, I only use Photoshop, so, not sure if you use it or Light Room to make adjustments.
Regardless, the brightness of an image to me becomes overwhelming if the Gamma is too high. Basically stated, it goes from being bright, acceptable, to a glare. At that point they can be almost hard to look at. Again this can be monitor to monitor issue.
Typically, Gamma adjustments can be “course”. Meaning a little either way can make a big difference.
In Photoshop: Layer > New Layer > Exposure.
In Exposure there are 3 adjustments:
Exposure - Normal brightness or white point.
Offset - Normal darkness or black point.
Gamma - Brightness intensity or glare factor.

Usually adjusting the Gamma down 2 to 6 points is plenty.
Here is a 6 point drop.

Chris. I am seeing a fluted flower in this rock. Great colors, detail and patterns in this image.

@Ed_Williams Thank you.