Hi again
Here is my third and last water (creek) abstract.
This one is a little bit more chaotic, but I like it anyhow.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments are welcome!
Are the brigthest parts to close to the edge?

Technical Details


Damn Ola this is spectacular! The blue in the middle looks like the face of an animal like a wolf or something, really cool! Image looks a little unbalanced to me just because the right side is brighter than the left but its pretty minor and maybe intentional. Either way great image!


What an elegant image! The flow, color palette & balance work together beautifully. I keep wanting to look at it again to find another pattern. Nice job Ola!

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@Glenn_Tunaley and @Kevin_Sink thanks for your kind comments. Glad you liked the image. Glenn, I did not see the wolf until you pointed it out!

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Hi Ola – I thought this was some kind of crazy ice, not water. So, the subject was definitely a bit obscured for me. I really like the subject and the mix of colors.

I think the composition might be a bit too wide for my tastes. The left portion is a bit of a frame but I’m not sure it adds anything to the scene. You could consider darkening it so it is less of a primary subject and could fade to the background a bit. I am also not sure about the confluence of the water since it is a bit visually confusing.

The things I like most are the little bits of aquatic plants, the bubbles, and the feeling of motion in the waves of the water. So, you could consider a tighter crop to emphasize all of those really interesting elements. I know that my crop eliminates some of the core parts of your composition that you said you liked so this would be a full re-interpretation of the scene, I think. I also think it feels a bit more abstract because some of the points of context are more obscured or are eliminated entirely.

The processing looks good to me, as I think the strong colors and contrast match the scene well. I did darken the lower right corner in my example so it was more tonally consistent with the rest of the frame (I would suggest the same thing for your original, particularly in terms of some of the bright spots on the right).

This is a great subject and a quite interesting photo! Really fun!

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Once again, thanks a lot for the comments @Sarah_Marino. To be honest, I have to contemplate on the suggested cropping and see how I finally think about that.

@Alfredo_Mora and all of you moderators, thank you for the editors pick. Very much appreciated, and it gives a lot of inspiration to go out there and take more photographs.

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Wow! I missed this one - it’s spectacular, @Ola_Jovall. I love the way it is crisp and sharp at the top, with the little bubbles, and then descends into more chaotic bits as it flows out the bottom. To me, that tells a bit of a story, or maybe sets a mood. I wouldn’t crop any part off, myself.

This is quite remarkable. I also see a pronounced face of a wolf. Crazy!

You’re very welcome! I didn’t get a chance to comment before. Love your image! Beautiful colors and abstract qualities.

Hi Ola, so beautiful! The ethereal blue flows are totally captivating and every time I look at the image I find something new and wonderful to delight in. Love it!

Ola, I’m just now seeing this. The last week has been crazy at work so I’ve missed a lot here. The colors, and the texture of the algae are amazing and beautiful. The bubbles take this over the top for me though. it’s just mesmerizing to wander through this scene for a few minutes. Well seen.

Ola, this is truly beautiful. I love it. It doesn’t matter to me what the subject is, I gave up thinking about that soon after I saw it. Can see it as a very large artwork print on my wall that I would gaze at and see something different every time, or just reach within imagination time and time again to conjure up something new that fits your scene. Just wonderful. Cheers.

@LauraEmerson, @Phil_G, @Bonnie_Lampley, @David_Haynes and @Eric_Bennett thanks for your kind comments.

Congratulations Ola. Stunning colors and patterns. Well seen!

Congrats on the second place abstract photo of the year, Ola! Gorgeous!

That is beautiful Ola! The blue is incredible. Congrats on the year end pick!

Thank you very much @J_Fritz_Rumpf, @linda_mellor and @Cameron_Wilcox.


A little late joining in, but wanted to congratulate you on your second place win! This image is stunning. Everyone else has taken the words out of my mouth.

Thank you very much @Donna_Callais.