Happy Mother's Day!

Edit: It dawned on me that I probably shouldn’t have included the text in the first image.
Is it OK to show a second image with text?

I posted this on my daughter, daughter in-law and my wife’s FB page with the text.

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This is a small portion of the flower arrangement delivered to my children’s mother (my wife :slight_smile: )

I thought this might make a nice “Mother’s Day Celebration and Appreciation” image for all the mothers here on NPN :slight_smile:

Happy Mother’s Day! :slight_smile:

Specific Feedback


Technical Details

a7riv, 180mm, f11, ISO 100, 1/5s, Lr, Ps.

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Merv, both images posted here are quite acceptable. The first image as a standalone gorgeous floral presentation and of course the second as a fine tribute to all mothers around the globe on this day of honor and gratitude overall… :sunglasses:

What a thoughtful and beautiful image, Merv. The flowers are beautiful, and you did a wonderful job with the colors, details and composition. I like the nice soft green BG on the right to help balance the image.

I love the angle you used on this, Merv. It’s a beautiful shot and the depth of field works perfectly for me, putting a very subtle emphasis on that foreground pink rose.

Absolutely text is fine for this kind of thing. And, honestly, if that’s what’s needed for some floral images, I’m fine with that. I don’t run the place, I just work here. :laughing:

The diffused light is so soft, but yet brings up texture and modeling so that we can nearly touch that silky rose. Lovely color combinations, too. Whether you chose them all or just the bouquet and the florist did the rest; it looks really good.

Thanks, @Paul_Breitkreuz, @Shirley_Freeman, @Dennis_Plank and @_Kris, I really appreciate all of your kind comments! :slight_smile:

Paul, Thanks for the way you described how each image has a different purpose! :slight_smile:

Dennis, thanks for commenting on the DOF, I took several shots with different settings until I got the soft focus right at the back of the arrangement. It’s subtle but it does seem to put more emphasis on the rose.

Thank you, Kris! I had a chuckle when I read the “I Just work here” comment! :laughing:

Actually, my son and daughter in-law ordered them from Japan (where they live) and the florist did the rest, I just answered the knock on the door, then delivered them to the back porch where my wife was sitting, I thought that a slice of it would make a nice Mother’s Day Card. :slight_smile:

I think you were right when you said that I probably won’t be selling my 40 year old Vivitar 70-210 manual lens, this image was taken with that lens as well. I found a permanent spot for it in my backpack. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, everyone! :slight_smile: