Hermit Thrush

Went for a short hike out at Seven Islands Birding Park to photograph some winter birds. This cute little Hermit Thrush peeking out was my favorite

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comment welcome

Technical Details

Technical details look good…. Exposure, sharpness, etc.

The composition doesn’t work for me though. Just too centered.

Very nice detailed look at the thrush and I like the woodsy perch. I wonder how a crop would look eliminating the sky in the RLC and LUC.

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Very nice portrait! I don’t mind that it is centred. I would consider a different aspect ratio (eg square or 5:4) to cut out the upper sky. The diagonals of the tree and the triangles of sky are interesting.

Excellent job on the focus and exposure, Eddie. I do think it might work better if the bird were a bit further right in the frame, but I don’t know what kind of mess you might have just outside the left edge.