This was a field of flowers that looks like some kind of a crop to me. I’ve seen several of them throughout Willamette Valley and some with tons of bees and beehives like this one.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400
ISO 200

Vanessa, you captured a nice stop action of this honey bee over top of these flowers. I like how the rest of the white flowers are out of focus nicely, letting the bee stand out.

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Beautiful photo Vanessa. Like Shirley stated the OOF background with the one in front shows the environment nicely. It also helps when she is carrying a nice pollen sac as well.

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Vanessa: Looks like your camera focused on the flower center and just missed the bee. When going for flight shots you might consider increasing your ISO to at least 800-1600 for more SS and perhaps a touch more DOF. Although you will have a bit more noise to deal with that can be corrected fairly easily in processing. >=))>

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Thank you @Shirley_Freeman @Dean_Salman @Bill_Fach for your comments and feedback! Yeah, I know, I should have had a higher SS on this image! I had been just going between taking flower/landscape shots and then noticed all the bees! So I didn’t have my settings exactly right. I at least got a few others that came out but I really liked the composition of this one, but thanks for noticing the out of focus.

Vanessa, the overall brightness and position of bee and flower work very well here. There’s a fine “spring is here” feeling. Yes, the bee could be a bit sharper, but that’s very hard to get it and a flower both sharp.

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Thanks @Mark_Seaver! By the way, do you know what these flowers are? There’s fields of them in different places, on what seems like farmland to me. This is in Oregon.

Lovely photo Vanessa. Bee is not critically sharp as Bill mentioned but a story is still told. I am not sure what the flower is but not clover and does not look like a pea. It is pretty tho.

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Thanks @David_Leroy for looking and your feedback! Always appreciated!

Vanessa: This looks like a primrose of some sort. In Texas ours are pink but the petal and center structures are very similar.

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@Bill_Fach is it used as a crop? Or is it for attracting bees to the overall area for pollination?

Probably the latter as I don’t think it has any formal cultivation.

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