In a cold rain

The mid-Atlantic states are well known for their cold, grey, rainy winter days. Yesterday was one of those, so I went out to check on rain falling on my pond. There were a cluster of three leaves floating on the surface, some muted colors from the leaves laying on the bottom and water lily stems and in this case a decent collection of ripples from the rain drops.


Mark, your pond has provided you with some really fine images over time. It seems as though each season provides you another different look overall.
I like the fact you were able to catch this scene with what appears to be an extremely light rain so as not to distort the view beyond recognition. The subtle amount of drops is perfect. … :sunglasses:

Mark, I can almost hear the rain drops. Such a nice composition of colors of leaves and textures of rain drop rings throughout. Nicely seen and captured. I can’t think of anything that would improve this shot.

I had the same reaction as @Shirley_Freeman - I can “hear” this picture, it does a great job of capturing the feeling in damp winter woods.

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Very nice combinations of color variation provided by the flora and the rain drop ripples to diffuse the colors.

Curiosity question. Did you use a polarizer?

Very nice Mark.
While Shirley and Charles can hear this picture I can certainly feel it. I feel the drops of rain, and it transports me to a time when I was similarly photographing ripples, but from under a tree with drops falling on my head. Images, such as this one of yours that can create different strong feelings to different viewers based on their life experiences are wonderful. Cheers.

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I just love the ripples, Mark, and the way they are matched by the stems in the lower half. A very refreshing image.

No polarizer, it was too dark and you need a shutter speed above 1/60 s to hold detail in the ripples.

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What a magnificent image. There is so much beauty to look at in this one. I love how you can faintly see the leaves and plant life under the water and the small collection of water drops on the end of the center leaf. Of course those ripples and rain drops add crazy atmosphere. It’s another image of yours that I find more and more to look at every time I view it. Just beautiful!