Sony A77
Sony DT 55-200 @ 150mm
ISO 400, 1/2000 @ f11
Dawes Glacier, Endicott Arm, Alaska
Well I’m going from the mini to the massive scene on my ice posts. Taken on our trip in 2017 from a skiff off our adventure cruise ship. The glacier face is at least 100 feet high although its hard to gauge the scale from this comp. All comments welcome. >=))>

Great view of the glacial ice, in all its blue glory.

Bill, the blues and the textures in the glacier are great. I also like the big sweeping curve and how the textures in the rocks blend with the textures in the glacier.

Bill, I love the blues and textures too, in this wonderful image of the glacier. I would love to go back to Alaska again.

I like the composition of this glacier iimage, Bill! It shows the flow path and size of the glacier rather than just focusing on the face. The bare rock faces above the glacier tell a story also, albeit a sad one. If you notice that the rock is recently scavaged with no sign of vegetation it makes you realize how fast and how much the glacier has receded (and you’re not even showing the full height of the rocks that the glacier used to cover!) The only technical comment I have is that the blues are significantly over saturated for my taste (probably because I live in the land of glaciers, so I’m picky about realism).

It looks really really nice, Bill. I think the texture in the image is just exquisite. And I do like the distant rocks, too. Very well done!