Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


We had a hard enough freeze so that most of my pond was covered in ice. That made for several hours of photo exploration. The results are a broad mix of colors and shapes. Earlier, I had waited for the sun to hit the pond (about 10 AM) but that meant that much of the overnight ice had already melted. In this case, I decided to get out right away. Using my polarizer made all the difference in the world when it came to letting the colors show through.

Technical Details

R5, 100-500 @ 343, 0.5 s, f/10, iso 800, tripod, polarizer and 2 s timer. A 20 shot stack.


Getting in close on the ice really paid off here, Mark.I love the formations and the way they refract the light.

Mark, this is another great ice image. The colors are showing through nicely. I appreciate that you mentioned the polarizing filter, I’m not sure I would have thought of that. We are getting ice some morning in our bird bath, so you have me thinking if I could find some colorful leaves somewhere, I could put some in it ahead of time, and then try my lock at it. I always enjoy your ice shots. There is just so much here to enjoy. I sure can’t think of a thing to improve it.

Everything about this is amazing. The tones, the sharpness, and the composition are all so well done. I love this!

Gorgeous and wonderful! I’ve had the same thought, to try some sort of shallow artificial pool pre-seeded with leaves with hopes for occasional overnight frosts. But I suspect the natural aspect (karma!) of your pond would be impossible to replicate.

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Mark, what a wonderful image this is! I like the warm tones leading to cool hues diagonally from the URC to the LLC. That offers a great contrast with the lines created by the ice. The textures are very pleasing, too. Very good abstract!

Oh the colors! A wonderful mix of warm and cool. The contrast of sharp lines and soft shapes is a great juxtaposition. Overall textures are so interesting. I love to shoot ice, but we don’t get much freezing weather to create something like this. Nice for you.

Mark: I never tire of your ice shots. They are amazing and something that can never be repeated. Beautiful as always and superbly crafted and presented. >=))>

What can I say but “wow” - this is lovely, Mark! Nothing really to add to what others have said except kudos for working your pond regularly to create such magic…

Mark, your ice pictures always remind me of stained glass. Beautiful colors and textures. I really like the tiny sandy looking grains in the URC, and the beautiful greens in the bottom.