Leaf black and white

What technical feedback would you like if any?Pentax K20D 18-55mm WS DA at 55mm, black and white setting, with blue filter selection, ISO 100 Cloudy white balance

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Timothy, I like how you captured the rain drops, with the larger ones around the edge of the leaf. I think B&W works well for this. When shooting a scene like this, if you can change the f-stop down to a low number and still get a sharp focus on the subject, that helps to put the other leaves out of focus around it. On this shot here, I am thinking a bit of a crop, and maybe vignette to darken the edges, helping to hold my eye to the subject. Just some thoughts. Hope that helps.

Timothy: A tighter crop to eliminate the leaf in the ULC and a bit more contrast would make this better for me. All of the pixels are on the left side of the histogram rendering this a bit too dark for my tastes. I did a very quick and dirty adjustment along those lines to show you what I mean. Also, please resize your posts to 1500 pixels on the long side of the frame. Posting full size images taxes the server and makes them more inviting targets for image thieves. >=))>

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Timothy, I like what you’re trying to do here. The leaf and it’s drops stand out nicely due to their tonal difference with the background. That’s a good way to deal with the nearly in focus surroundings. I was thinking along the same lines as Bill, especially with respect to the brightness of the subject. His crop works well also. Going b&w on this was a good idea.

Well captured image and composed. I like the rework by Bill, which brings the leaf out of the background and highlights the water droplets.